More About Me

Results Not Excuses

As an emerging leader within the real estate industry, Michael’s approach to business is marked by his unwavering determination to accomplish set goals through his carefully curated strategies. Experienced in diverse forms of real estate, he has made the dreams of sellers, buyers and renters alike come to fruition by partnering with them in identifying the real core of their interest and in the crafting of simplistic, personalized plans to aid in the achievment of said goals.  Michael is constantly studying new market trends and engaging innovative practices to ensure his clients remain ahead of the curve.

      Born and raised in the heart of NYC a number of Michael’s previous years were spent within the exciting world of high-end luxury fashion. It was there he developed his eye for impeccable design and honed his skill for exceeding the expectations of his clients.

   During the Covid-19 pandemic, the true efficacy of Michael’s strategies were proven when he generated exceptional results for countless clients whether that was in the sell or purchase of their home, despite the ever changing vicissitudes within the market.

Partner with Michael in the sale, purchase or rental of your home. His goal is obtaining your goal with no excuse.